Welcome to my website!


A little bit about me...  I'm a singer songwriter, with some incredible stories!  I know anything is possible in our universe from my own personal experiences.  (Read my incredible mountain top story on my blog! link below)


My music is about the messages, and as usual, it starts with ourselves.  As a professional Hypnotherapist, Counsellor for many years previously, I feel music has the power to reach further... a 'wave' of messages to positively co-habit 'with' our planet. 


Call it 'Musical Therapy for the Human Condition'...


Look out for my new upcoming blog 'RAW' (true Leo style) 


Is songwriting just 'therapy'? if so...I love it...words are my jam, so I thought why not share some, with why, how and when they came about, habits of writing, why does listening to other music give me millions of lyrics? Following the 'muses' that implant these songs from no-where? 


Are ideas out there for all of us, just waiting for anyone to pluck out of the ether (not talking online here) and bring them into existence?


Creativity is a wonderful tool to express yourself in so many ways


I write via piano, record, produce, engineer my work, like constructing any other creative art project.  Download FREE songs, join me!


Thank you for being here, lets talk and connect more!...see links below


I stood there on a mountain top in pitch darkness with 3 others watching a 1000 lights march up the hill and across the top, as we stood huddled together in a runway of light! 


This was just the begining! 


I think I realised then, that anything is possible in this universe!  (see blog below)