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'Sounds like Bowie, Prince, Kate Bush, Portishead, Radiohead, Shakesears Sister, Massive Attack, and Beatles!'

- Jezz Woodroffe


'Love Touch Down, its epic in its proportions'

- Adam Tomas Burton


 'Think Kate Bush meets Jack White, almost Zepplinesque'

- Carl Thomas


'The tracks wonderfully capture the richness of Sally's unique voice and lyrical talent, balanced against complex musical composition which itself qualifies to stand alone.


 Reminds me of Kate Bush or Joni Mitchell's narrative, rather than the voice, the backing vocals were similar.  I thought it was a unique hypnotic voice, spellbinding!


The resulting production is a form of 'Progressive Art Pop which pushes the boundaries of Art Pop a little further, leaving you with a desire to hear more and more'

- Jayne Thornhill


 'Sally Hope Woodroffe has such a deeply rooted earthy voice that reminds me of the harmony within nature.  If I were to visit a sacred site, I imagine Sally's voice would be the sound of the stones in the circle or temples.


In many ways she has that soulful sound like Kate Bush, her composition of instruments fill's the air with a rhythm of mother earth.  Beautiful!'

- Kelly Martin


'I hear sort of a mix of Leonard Cohen, and Jane Siberry.  Part of your vocal delivery reminds me of them with a bit moer of an infusion of Soul and Gospel.  I also hear some Cocteau Twins.


A very warm soulful electronica, combining with a sort of semi-detached almost world-weary vocal delivery.


It's very intriguing to be honest, I don't believe I have heard anything quite like it.  I dig it'

- Steve Estabrook


 'First impressions conjured a feel of Ibiza Cafe del Mar style, which I like when chilling out.  I particularly liked the tracks Running and Touch Down, had a Pink Floyd feel to it.


Sally's music has a lovely ambient feel that I find relaxing, reminiscent of earlier times in my life on walking holidays and lazing under a parasol on a hot beach, her voice is very easy on the ear, she transported me back there very easily'

- Dee Twentyman


'I can definitely see this as a double album, one vocals, one instrumental's and I'd love it!  Or compositions used in a feature film'

- Alison